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International Workshop on

Complexity and Nonextensivity

-New Trends in Statistical Mechanics-

to be held at

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP)

Kyoto Japan

March 14-18, 2005

Sponsored by:

The Kyoto University Foundation
Yukawa Institute for Fundamental Physics (YITP)

The International Workshop Comlexty and Nonextensivity - New Trends in Statistical Mechancs - (CN-Kyoto)  will be held at theYukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) in Kyoto, Japan (access to YITP).

S. Abe (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
M. Sakagami (Kyoto University, Japan)

Editors: S.Abe and M.Sakagami

All invited papers and some of the oral and poster contributions (the ones accepted by the referees) will be published in the Proceedings of the workshop which will appear in an issue of Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement.

Aims of the Workshop
There are growing interests in progress of understanding geometrical, dynamical and statistical properties of complex systems. The key concepts underlying them are complex networks, glassy dynamics in quasi-stationary states and nonextensivity. This workshop aims to offer a forum for summarizing the current status of such new trends in statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, and to examine the future outlook of science of complexity. Both fundamental problems and applications of the ideas will be discussed.

Format and Scientific Program
Each day of the workshop will be devoted to invited talks, oral presentations and posters. The program will be fixed after the deadline for registration.

The topic to be covered are:

Size of the Workshop
We expect maximally 80-100 participants.


Titles and abstracts of the talks and posters
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Schedule of the talks
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The invited speakers are

C. Beck University of London, UK nonlinear dynamics and superstatistics
L. Borland Iris Finantial Engineering and Systems, USA statistical mechanics of finance
J. F. F. Mendes University of Porto, Portugal complex networks
A. R. Plastino University of Pretoria, South Africa nonextensive statistical mechanics
A. Rapisarda University of Catania, Italy hamiltonian mean field models
A. Robledo UNAM, Mexico aging at the edge of chaos and nonextensivity
B. Tadic Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia network dynamics
H. E. Stanley Boston University, USA complex systems
A. Taruya University of Tokyo, Japan long-range interactions as complex systems
C. Tsallis SFI, USA and CBPF, Brazil nonextensive statistical mechanics
R. S. Wedemann State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil complex neural networks
K. Kaneko University of Tokyo, Japan nonlinear dynamical approach to biophysics

How to contact us

For questions on the scientific program or financial support contact:

Sumiyoshi Abe
Institute of Physics
University of Tsukuba
Ibaraki 305-8571, Japan

E-mail: (please replace _at_ to @ in the e-mail address)

Registration Fee
The registration fee includes Congress Kit, Abstracts and Proceedings of the Meeting, opening Cocktail Party, Coffee Breaks, Transfer from/to Kansai airport.
The registration fee will be 8000 Yen, which will be collected at the registration desk.

Participants from Japan are kindly asked to manage their accommodation by themselves.
About 30 rooms at Holiday Inn are booked for foreign participants. Detailed informationwill be given in due course.
Foreign Participants contact
(please replace _at_ to @ in the e-mail address)
Japanese Participants For information see Hotel List1
Hotel List2

.Access to YITP
For information see web site

Information on Kyoto
For information see web site


The way to register for CN-Kyoto is to fill in the registration form. Download the form by right click, then it should be filled and sent by electronic mail to (please replace _at_ to @ in the e-mail address).
We ask japanese participants to use another registration form for japanese (right click here).


Participation is open to all interested persons: please distribute the Circular or our Web site to your colleges who might be interested in CN-Kyoto.

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